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Our church's Ministry Counsel has decided it's in the best interest of the church to postpone any church related activities until April 30th.  All Church events and activities are canceled up to that date.  When May rolls around they will meet again and discuss what we will do from there.

The Pastor will be doing daily devotionals for anyone who is interested.  You will be able to access these audio files here

church Services closed until April 30th

Pastor Bob has done and audio recording for this weeks' sermon.  If you would like to listen just click here!


If you would still like to have access to a Sunday morning service we highly recommend tuning into Grace Community Church's online Service.  The link for that is services are available on Saturday at 6pm, and Sunday at 8am, 9:15am, and 11am.

A Plea for Bethany EC

Dear Friends at Bethany,

    Thank you for welcoming Nelson and me so warmly.  We have an urgent request!  Could we plead with you all to take the social distancing/quarantining measure VERY seriously?  It's not only for our personal safety, and that of our loved ones, but for those who are giving the healthcare that people are needing at this time.  This matter takes on a very personal side for us, as our son, Weston, is an anesthesiologist at LGH.  This morning he informed us that, given the rate of admission to the hospital, the extra care needed, shortages of staff as they become infected, the path we are on here in Lancaster County is grim.  The doctors in his group are working extra hours, and being sent to areas of the hospital they don't normally work. They are under a lot of extra stress, even needing to decide if they should quarantine themselves from their OWN families!!  Please, please follow all the guidelines the president and medical community have given, most urgently in the next several weeks, in order to slow the curve here in Lancaster County! We (including Weston) continue to rely on God, knowing He is ultimately in control, and will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you for your understanding and for your prayers!


Sincerely and in Faith,

Nelson and Kim Shertzer

a prayer for our world

God, You alone are worthy of honor, glory, and praise.  With You, we can overcome every storm- including the global impact COVID-19 is having on our world.

Right now, we are asking You to:

  • Heal those who are sick and protect those who are not.

  • Give our leaders extra wisdom as they navigate this pandemic and economic uncertainty.

  • Strengthen Your global Church. Reveal to us how we can partner together to reach the needs of those around us.

  • Calm our fears.  Fill us with Your hope, joy, and peace as we continue to trust You.

  • Use this pandemic to pave the way for spiritual renewal.  We want your glory, power, and healing to be on display.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

In Jesus' Name, Amen




Seeing the individual and creating family in the process.  It's not about reaching perfection and then coming to church; but actually just coming as you are.  We welcome you that way.  You are welcome to come as you are and be a part of this thing we call family.




These are some of our church acticivities.  They range from youth group, service days, meals together, etc.

24-25 april

Spring Service Project

15 may

Traveling Scavenger Hunt

04  June

Mountain Trip to Franklin County

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

We hold VBS every year with a new theme each year.  This year's theme is "Mystery Island!"  It will be held from June 22nd - 26th starting at 6:30 pm and ending at 8:30 pm.  We would absolutely love to see you there!

Our Recorded sermons

We record our speakers weekly and upload the sermons here.  So if you miss a week, couldn't attend, or are not in the neighborhood you can still join!