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Here are some of our Ministries we have.  If you have more questions please get in contact!  We'd love to hear from you!

Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem
Youth Ministry

Teens from 6th grade- 12th are with our youth group.  They dive into God's word and seek what Jesus has to say to them through it.  

Image by Anna Earl
Kid's Ministry

Children ages 3 years to 5th grade have clubs available.  With games, snacks, memory work and lessons. It's a fun time for all!

Image by Laura  Wielo
Vacation Bible School (VBS)

We hold a Vacation Bible School each year over the summer.  It is heaps of fun for kids of all ages and opens up a space for them to learn more about Jesus!

Bible Study/ Small Groups

We have bible study groups available for everyone to join!  The vast range of topics are covered, so there is something to peak everyone's interest.

Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Nathan Dumlao
Marriage Preparation

Our pastor is open to do pre-marital counseling. If you are looking for someone to lead you in this there is open space for you.  Just message our pastor! 

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