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Pastor's Church Phone: (717) 584-3002

Pastor's Home Phone: (717) 872-2548

1165 Letort Road,

Conestoga, PA 17516

We hold Vaction Bible School (VBS) every year with a new theme each year.  This year's theme is "Mystery Island!"  It will be held from June 22nd - 26th starting at 6:30 pm and ending at 8:30 pm.

VBS is available for all children from 3 years of age - 6th grade.  Invite your family and friends!  This activity is completely free of charge and we would absolutely love to see you there!

One thing we do each year is have a donating time each day to raise funds towards an organization.  We will split the kids up into two group and have a little competition with it!  Whichever group can raise the most money for the organization by the end of the week wins!

Let us know you are planning to attend by registering on our events tab!

If you are planning on your children attend please fill out this paper work and bring it with you on the first nihgt of VBS.  this way our registration can move along a little faster.  Thanks!

Vacation Bible School