Church: (717) 872-6775

Pastor's Church Phone: (717) 584-3002

Pastor's Home Phone: (717) 872-2548

1165 Letort Road,

Conestoga, PA 17516


Our Youth Group is from grade 6 to 12.  Anyone is welcome! We meet most every Wednesday night from 7-8:15 PM from the beginning of April to the end of.  We worship together, study the bible together, and do games! We also have something we call "Fun Friday"every Friday night from 7-9 PM.  During this time we just hang out and do activities and games together! It ranges from card games to capture the flag to ultimate frisbee.  

Youth Events

Please make sure to register for the events if you are joining.  This way we know how many people to plan for. You can do so by going to the events tab and registering.

May 15, Traveling Scavenger Hunt (Katey)

June 4-7, Mountain Trip to Franklin County (Clarence, Tammy)

July 12-19, Missions Trip to West Virginia, current 9th grade- 12th (Angie)

Aug 1, Beach Trip (Tammy)

Sep 12, Millersville Ropes Course (Jenna, Tammy)

Oct 10, Dare 2 Share Live, 9:30am-10pm (Angie)

Nov TBD, All-Nighter, either The Rally Event (Nov 20) 

Dec 16, Youth Christmas Party (Jenna, Heather)


A group of us are going out of the state to do some mercy ministry with families who have been effected by recent natural disasters.  We will be helping to build or repair homes and bless the family during our stay there.  But first we need to get there!  We will be posting all of our fundraising activities here; so if you'd like to contribute you can!

Sub sale

If you are interested in purchasing please call

Angie Bleacher




Car wash

We are  holding a car wash at

"Hess Auto Care" in Millersville on May 2nd 

from 10 AM- 2 PM.  Come and get all that winter salt washed off your vehicles!

T-shirt sale

We have designed a t-shirt to help sponsor this trip! If you'd like this stylish piece of attire go ahead and order!


We have flamingos in the neighborhood!  Be on the look out for these migrating birds.  They may end up in your yard!