Our Youth Group is from grade 6 to 12.  Anyone is welcome! We meet most every Wednesday night from 7-8:15 PM from the beginning of October to the end of April.  We worship together, study the bible together, and do games! We also have something we call "Fun Friday" every Friday night from 7-9 PM.  During this time we just hang out and do activities and games together! It ranges from card games to capture the flag to ultimate frisbee.  

Youth Events

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June 20-24

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July 17-23

Participant Form

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Water activity

August 7

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Report back and thank you dinner

September 18th at 5:30pm

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Barn Party

October 28

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Dare 2 Share

November 12

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sub sale


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Youth Service auction


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Car washes


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community day


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We are going to Kentucky this summer with 'Next Step' to do a missions trip!  In order to raise the money we will need to go we are holding multiple fundraising events.  So if you feel led to partner with us financially to see us go join us at one of our events!

We are fully funded! Thank you for everyone who has supported us financially and through prayer.  We are so grateful for you!

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2022 Youth Permission Slip

2022 adult helper forms

2022 Adult

Permission Slip

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

PA Criminal History Clearance

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